My leadership skills have developed much more. – Diego Molina

Nationality: Chilean
Year Graduated: 2013
Current Role: Chief Financial and Commercial Officer at Minsur S.A.

Why did you decide to do the TIEMBA?

I was inspired by my brother who is also an INSEAD alumnus and I always wanted to have the INSEAD global experience. Luckily for me, while I was living in China, I learnt that INSEAD had a new dual-degree programme with Tsinghua (China´s most prestigious university) and I immediately knew it was the right programme for me at the right time in my career.

Why did you choose the TIEMBA amongst all other EMBAs available?

In Asia, there were a couple of other top joint programmes that I also considered. However, they were either too finance-focused or they did not have the prestige or a strong alumni network in Latin America.

Although I considered the INSEAD Global EMBA programme, it seemed to require too much travel out of Beijing and it did not have a strong China focus. For TIEMBA, having half the INSEAD programme right there in the city that I lived in made the choice a no-brainer!

How would you describe your TIEMBA experience?

TIEMBA exceeded my expectations! I knew I would gain deeper academic learning but I didn’t expect to also collaborate with such an outstanding group of people and with such a variety of professional and life experiences!

One element of the programme I found particularly surprising was the Leadership Development Programme (LDP). I didn’t pay much attention to it when I was applying and if I were to be honest, I was initially disappointed to have the LDP instead of additional modules. But after our first pre-reading of it, I realised that the LDP was going to be an intensely reflective module, which I needed at this point in my career. It was extremely useful in developing my leadership skills.

You are working in Peru right now – was the TIEMBA helpful for your career in Latin America?

Throughout my career, I’ve lived in several countries, but after TIEMBA, my leadership skills developed much more as now I am able to manage people from a diverse background. In addition, the INSEAD network is always present and welcoming in every country, and Peru is no exception!

What was the most useful lesson you have learnt from the TIEMBA?

The most useful lesson I have learnt from the TIEMBA is figuring out my leadership style and being able to reflect on it.

The TIEMBA allowed me to take a step away from complex situations allowing me to have a better perspective and be less emotional.

I also learnt how to ask for advice and not interrupt while listening to ideas and suggestions given by others.

If you could relive a moment or memory during your TIEMBA experience, what would it be?

I would relive the breaks during modules as well as hanging out with such great friends in awesome places!

Any advice to prospects there who are considering the TIEMBA?

I would say to make sure your family is on board and prepare yourself for an intense year and a half. The programme is time-consuming and you will want to dedicate as much time to it as possible. I would also encourage future prospects to embrace and enjoy the diversity because, at the end of the day, we all share the same aspirations and fears.

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