University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) Offers Discount Rate of 20% for Fall Semester 2020

Since the global outbreak of the corona-virus (COVID-19), the economies of China and other countries in the world have been greatly affected by the epidemic, and the financial situation of many families has also been battered.

In view of this, to alleviate the financial burden of the families of foreign students studying in China, and fully reflect the care and love of the university for international students, the school has decided to temporarily lower the tuition fee of the academic programs in Fall semester of 2020 (the discount rate is about 20%).

The tuition fees for autumn programs in 2020 will be charged according to this temporary preferential standard and the original fee standard will be restored from 2021.

Freshmen of the 2020 Fall semester can pay the discounted tuition fee by semester (originally it is required that newly enrolled students pay the full annual tuition during registration). The original tuition standard and 2020 Fall semester temporary preferential tuition standard are listed below.

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Original and Temporary Tuition Fee Standards of 2020 Fall semester for UIBE Educational Programs of International Students

(Currency type: RMB / yuan)

Degree Programs
Degree Program
TypeOriginal StandardDiscounted Standard of 2020 Fall semester
Undergraduate Program
(Four years)
Chinese-taught Program12,400 yuan/semester9,900 yuan/semester
English-taught Program24,875 yuan/semester19,900 yuan/semester
Master Program
(Two years)
Chinese-taught Program14,900 yuan/semester11,900 yuan/semester
Chinese-taught MBA37,000 yuan/semester29,600 yuan/semester
Chinese-taught Professional Master Program(International Business Master,Finance Master, Interpretation Master)20,000 yuan/semester16,000 yuan/semester
English-taught programCharged by credit, 2,680 yuan per credit
(the full tuition of the English-taught Master need to be paid in two semesters in the first year)
2,150 yuan per credit (see Attachment 1 for details)
Doctoral Program
(Four years)
International Trade, International Relations, Finance, International Economics, Business Management, Industrial Economics, Business Economics, etc.14,900 yuan/semester (Chinese and English taught programs)11,900 yuan/semester
International Law16,500 yuan/semester13,200 yuan/semester


Non-Degree Programs
Non-degree program
TypeOriginal StandardDiscounted Standard of 2020 Fall semester
Foundation Course for Bachelor Program11,600 yuan/semester
22,300 yuan/year
9,300 yuan/semester
18,000 yuan/year
Intensive Foundation Course for Bachelor Program19,800 yuan/semester
38,600 yuan/year
16,000 yuan/semester
31,000 yuan/year
Elementary/Business Chinese
9,900 yuan/semester
19,000 yuan/year
7,900 yuan/semester
15,000 yuan/year
Chinese Business Study
Chinese Business and Cultural Studies3,000 yuan/course2,400 yuan/course
Intensive Chinese19,800 yuan/semester
38,600 yuan/year
16,000 yuan/semester
31,000 yuan/year
Diplomatic Chinese(A/B project)A Project 28,000 yuan/semester
B Project 21,000 yuan/semester
A Project 22,400 yuan/semester
B Project 16,800 yuan/semester


Attached table 1: Standards of tuition for English-taught master’s programs and temporary tuition after discount in 2020

MajorOriginal tuition standard and descriptionFall Semester 2020 Discounted price
English-taught IMBA ProgramThe full tuition fee is 128,640 yuan (2,680 yuan per credit) . Pay 65,000 yuan in the first semester; 63640 yuan in the second semester52,000 yuan
English-taught ILLM ProgramThe full tuition fee is RMB 123,080 (RMB 2,680 per credit). Pay 53,600 yuan for the first semester; 53,600 yuan for the second semester; 16,080 yuan for the third semester.43,000 yuan(First Semester)or 12,900 yuan(Third Semester)
English-taught ASRM ProgramThe full tuition fee is 109,880 yuan (2,680 yuan per credit). Pay 60,000 yuan in the first semester; 49,880 yuan in the second semester.48,000 yuan
English-taught IMPA & MCA ProgramThe full tuition fee is 85,000 yuan (2680 yuan per credit). Pay 45,000 yuan in the first semester; 40,000 yuan in the second semester.36,000 yuan
English-taught IB and IBCEThe full tuition fee is 115,000 yuan (2680 yuan / credit). Pay 65,000 yuan in the first semester; 50,000 yuan in the second semester.52,000 yuan
Other Majors O­ffered in English (IB, IF, IR, etc.,)The full tuition fee is 99,160 yuan (2,680 yuan per credit). Pay 50,000 yuan in the first semester; 49,160 yuan in the second semester40,000 yuan



About UIBE

The University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), founded in 1951, is a multi-disciplinary and national key university with economics, management, law, literature and science as its core academic areas of expertise. Since its foundation, UIBE has been steadfast in living up to its motto of “Erudition, Honesty, Endeavor and Perfection” through constant diligence and innovation.

At present, UIBE consists of 15 academic schools, a Graduate School, a Department of Physical Education and a Department of Culture and Art, offering over 1405 undergraduate courses, 875 postgraduate courses, and 109 doctoral courses.

UIBE plays a leading role in the development of international alliance with universities around the world. Currently, UIBE has established partnerships with over 160 overseas universities and international organizations.

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