Guide to Universities in China for International Students – Intakes, Application Period, Start Dates!

Planning to enroll in the best universities in China for international students? Good news, Chinese universities have different semesters or intakes!

The autumn intake/semester just closed, but you can send your university application for the next intake.

If you don’t know much about China’s academic year, intake, application period and the start of classes, you have to check out this mini guide!

Intakes/Semesters, Application Period and Start of Classes in Chinese Universities

The majority of Chinese universities follow a two-semester system in an academic year. You can either enroll during:

  • the autumn semester (runs from September to January) or;
  • the spring semester (runs from March to July).

Following the Lunar calendar, each semester lasts for approximately 18 weeks. For this reason, the application period, start date and end of class for courses/programs will depend on the Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival.

Chinese New Year celebration.

Chinese students usually have a winter break from January or February and a summer break from July to August.

The application deadline and start date are different for each university, but below is an approximate summary of important dates for Chinese universities.

A summary of Chinese University intakes, application period and start dates.

Short-term programs such as Chinese Language courses, short-term cultural exchanges, medical training and more have flexible schedules.

Easy 6-Step Process to Enroll at a Chinese University

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4. Prepare for your arrival – is it your first time in China? Here’s a comprehensive checklist of what you need to prepare!

5. Check out recommended apps and sites – before you fly out, check helpful apps and sites to make your stay in China easier!

6. Get introduced to a buddy – we provide a buddy introduction service so you feel comfortable when you first arrive in China.

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