University Transfers

Transfers from Chinese universities to another Chinese university

A common question we receive is regarding transfers from one university to another.

University transfers are possible but the process is complex and varies depending on the universities involved.

Firstly, your current university must accept your request of transfer and there could be even monetary penalties, specially for students on scholarships, for not finishing the program. Second, the receiving university must accept the transfer request by analyzing if the credits and courses match or not. It is advisable to first consult with your current university about the transfer possibility as they may even have some special partnerships with other universities that would make this process easier.

Transfers from universities outside China

It is also possible for students that are already studying in an university outside China to be transferred to a Chinese university. Nevertheless, the same considerations apply. Some Chinese universities do accept transfer students and are analyzed case by case.

China Admissions can help you analyze your specific case. A service fee is applicable due to the complexity of university transfers and will be determined on a case to case basis. Write us to with information about your current situation, reason to transfer, and any supporting information and documents for our evaluation.

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