Tips on How to Apply to Chinese Universities from our Admissions Team

Is this your first time to apply to universities in China through China Admissions? Are you looking for some advice or tips on how to apply?  Check out this article from our admissions team. We hope you can find the answers and we can help your dream of studying in China come true!

First, you can search on this website: for your desired programs and universities. Just search for the the program or university that you are interested in. If you need any help with this part, please feel free to contact us, we have experienced student’s counselors available to help you.

Second, when you are ready to apply, you need to fill out the basic information on China Admissions website. Here are some things you should pay special attention to:

Your Background: 

  • Your education background and your work experience should be up to date and show the exact date as well as the name on your graduation certificate/work certificate. This is really important and they so they can process your application. 

Your Address 

  • This is very important. The admission notice post address is the one used to receive your admission package and visa form from university, it should include country, city, street name, building name and room number as well as postcode, content should as detail as possible depends on your country’s situation. If this changes, it is very important to update us so the university sends it to the correct address.

Financial Supporter

  • Family member and supporter information: please make sure to include at least one family member basic information, of your financial supporter.

    You should write the name of the person who will give you financial support during your studies in China. You also need to provide a bank statement or salary slip as evidence of financial support. This is so they know that you will have funds to support yourself during your studies. 

Third, you need to upload all required documents. For more info on the application documents you can check the article here:

  • Documents format: all documents you upload to the system have to be a scanned copy. A colour scan is much better. You can use an app like AppScanner or use Apple Notes. 
  • If the documents are not written in English or Chinese, it must be translated into English or Chinese. Depending on the university, you can either translate this yourself, or you will need to get a notarised translation. 
  • All recommendation letters need to be signed by the referrer. Otherwise they will not be considered valid. 
  • For the passport copy, you need to make sure to scan two pages together. For example here: The passport copy must be two passport pages on the same scan page.

Hope this is helpful, if you have more questions please let us know. 

We wish you great success in your application and an amazing experience of study in China.

Are you ready to apply? You can start or continue with your application here.


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