Top 8 Tips For New Students in China

Most people associate China with ancient temples, skyscrapers, modern technology and a sea of people. However, China is more than that!

Besides being a great travel destination, China has one of the best educational systems in the world. Looking for tips for new students in China? You’ve come to the right article!

China is a huge country on the march. Its catapult to modernity has overtaken many western countries. In addition to being a force to be reckoned with in the economic scene, it has one of the most optimistic societies. And despite its vastness and complexities, China has come a long way.

As a powerful country on the rise, studying in China may work to your advantage! But what do you need to do if you’re a first-time student?

8 Tips for New Students in China

With the influx of international students in China, they are the best people to give tips for new students in China. Here are 8 of the best tips to make your stay in China as seamless as possible!

1. Ogiloy | Uzbekistan | Beijing Normal University

“Before coming to China, start to learn the Chinese language, otherwise, you will be lost from the beginning.”

2. Caner I. | Germany | Tsinghua University

“First things first, learn Chinese! The more you can immerse the more you will enjoy your China experience. Study hard and be consistent!”

3. Cathy | China | HUNAN

“Go and explore life in China, be brave and seize every opportunity to grow.”

4. Muhammad Usman A. | Pakistan | Tsinghua University

“The best experience is to study at Tsinghua University. I advise newcomers to learn Chinese before you enter China.”

China is the number one study-abroad destination for overseas students in Asia.

5. Sanjena | India | Tsinghua University

“Go out and explore!”

6. Andre | Peru | UIBE

“Use a translator and get didi!”

7. Hooriya | Pakistan | Tsinghua University

“Gear up for an adventure of a lifetime, living in China is a rollercoaster fun ride you just can’t get enough of.”

8. Abdulmalik Idris K. | Nigeria | Shaanxi University Of Chinese Medicine

“Try to see around as many places as you can in China while strictly balancing academic focus.” 

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China is a fascinating country. It’s where tradition and modernity meet. You truly can’t capture its beauty unless you visit the country first hand.

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