Study in China: how much?

Cost of Studying in China

When preparing to study in China, it is important to calculate how much money you will need to cover for your expenses. Some Universities require students to provide a letter from whoever is paying the fees to guarantee that they can cover the cost of the program. It is in nobody’s interest for a student to drop out of the program because they haven’t budgeted properly.

The main categories of costs for studying in China are:

  • Application Fee ($100-150 USD)
  • Visa Application Fee: 500/900RMB
  • Tuition Fee (varies according to each program)
  • Books: prices are rarely above 50RMB
  • Supplies: pens – 1-5RMB, notebooks – 10-15RMB
  • Insurance – insurance is necessary and students can’t register without it, students can arrange it themselves, or it can be arranged when you arrive in China, Ping An has an insurance policy for students which costs 600 RMB per year.
  • Accommodation – this depends on whether you are staying in campus or off campus. For example, in Beijing to rent one-room apartment you’ll need about 3000-4000RMB, two-bedroom apartment – 4000-6000RMB. Staying in dorms might be a bit cheaper. Double-room is about 1000-2000RMB, single room is about 2000-3000RMB.
  • Flight Tickets – this will depend on which country you are flying from. You can find cheap flights on
  • Food / Eating out – this will depend on you and your habits, University food can be very affordable and can cost 6RMB-20RMB for each meal. Eating outside the University can also be cheap.
  • Other Living Expenses – what other things do you like to do in your spare time? Playing sport, going out to bars or restaurants.

se9582542The good news is that the cost of studying and living in China is comparatively low to other countries, as an example, the subway in Beijing cost 3 RMB-9RMB(depends on distance), and you can buy a beer for the same price.

Before coming to China it is a good idea to use the above categories to make a budget for how much you expect to spend in each category. Try to add a little bit extra than you think in each category, and something to cover for emergencies. It is always better to have spent less than you expected than the other way around.

Then when you come to China, try to keep a record of your expenses every month so you can keep track of where your money is going.


26 responses to “Study in China: how much?

  1. hello am student of Tanzanian and i finish my diploma in economic and finance and i would like to study abroad how i can get scholarship because I will not be able to pay all the money of study abroad

  2. Hi Derrick from i have completed diploma in system engineering and would like to study or enroll at china. Please can i get a scholarship because i will not be able to pay all the fees or the money to study please

  3. Hi good evening sir /madam
    Please if you can help me get admission in your college to do MBBS medicine and also update me a about tuition fee and accommodation fee and all things that I need to know.
    Ahorlu delali Florence.
    Country. Ghana.
    Thanks very much.

  4. Hi good evening sir.
    Please if you can help me get admission in your college to do MBBS medicine and also update me a about tuition fee and accommodation fee and all things that I need to know.
    Ahorlu delali Florence.
    Country.. Ghana.
    Thanks very much.

  5. Hi good morning sir
    Please if you can help me get admission in to one of the university to do petroleum engendering and civil engineering and chemical engendering and also update me a about tuition fee and accommodation fee and also if we have a scholarship or waiver on tuition fee and accommodation .
    Ahorlu delali Florence.
    Country Ghana.

  6. i lov china nd i wud lik to persue mi studies thr…hop my wish comes true

  7. I want to go for M.B.B.S. program. In total, how much it will costs? And is there any possibility of getting scholarship???

  8. My name is Lukas Keshamo. I am interested to study my PhD in Social Work in China. But I could not pay and cover any expenses at all. Please can I get full scholarship for my PhD study in China?
    with best regards

  9. Please I want to further my education in China. I am a Ghanaian and will like to study Mph Biostatistics . Please help with informations with regards to this course and whether I can get a scholarship to pursue the aforementioned course. Waiting for response please.

  10. I want to master degree from china in internal medicine and i did my MBBS from chongqing medical university

  11. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am From Timor-Leste (East Timor), I would like to study in MBBS medicine in Capital Medical University. Can you help me to get admission to study there. I need further information about fees in total. Thank you

  12. sir i want study in china but i cant pay that much fee please relaxciaton this fee am very thankfull to you

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for contacting China Admissions,

      Please can you let me know:

      – Preferred Program/major & degree :
      – Your budget :
      – When you would like to start : March or September intake 2019 ?

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