Study at Peking University – China’s Harvard

China’s Harvard: The Peking university

Every Chinese person knows China’s best and most prestigious 北京大学 (Beijing daxüe), Peking university.

When entering the university two guards stand at the entrance requesting your student’s ID before they let you in. That is to prevent the high amount of tourists want to visit this university which is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the whole country.

But not only has it beautiful buildings and gardens, also the students are highly intelligent and friendly people. No wonder! Only the best students with the highest Gaokao scores, the Chinese A-level, are allowed to enter China’s best university.

The programs are strict and very tough and you do not get any special treatment because you are a foreigner. You are integrated from the first day and can profit from a lot of new viewpoints and ways of doing things.

During my time at Peking university, I personally grew more than ever before. The challenges I faced and overcame everyday taught me lessons no other university in my country could teach me. Although I was very worried at the beginning, I never regret my decision to step into this “new world”. I hope everyone has the chance to make a similar valuable experience by himself.

You can apply for Peking University here.

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