Eyes Here: Student Notices from Chinese Universities In Connection with the 2019 nCoV

With the growing concerns of students in China about the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), many Chinese universities have delayed the Spring semester intake until further notice.

Addressing the concerns of both local and international students, Chinese universities have released student notices to assure students of their safety as well as provide instructions on what to do during this difficult time.

Please read the complete student notices from Chinese universities below.

Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (ZUST)

student notices from chinese universities

Jinan University (JNU)
全体同学:Dear students,生命重于泰山。截至1月26日,全国已有30个省区市启动了突发公共卫生事件一级响应。防控新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎疫情是当前重中之重的任务。Life is regarded as the most important. Up till January 26, 30 provinces, districts, and cities in China have launched the first-level response to public health emergencies. Prevention and control of the new coronavirus infection of pneumonia is the most critical task at present.按照中央应对新型冠状病毒感染肺炎疫情工作领导小组要求和教育部、上海市的部署,学校研究决定,推迟2020年春季学期开学时间,具体开学时间和后续工作安排另行通知,原定开学前的考试等安排延期进行。全体同学务必不要提前返校。According to the requirements of the leading group of the central government in dealing with the epidemic situation of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus and the deployment of the Ministry of Education and the Shanghai Municipal Government, Fudan University decided to postpone the opening time of the spring semester 2020. The specific opening time and follow-up arrangement will be notified soon, and the examinations before the original opening of the semester will also be postponed. All students must not return to university in advance.在此特别提醒大家提高自身防范意识:

We would like to remind you to improve your awareness of:

1. 切勿前往湖北以及其他疫情严重的区域!远离人员密集场所,积极配合有关方面做好防控工作安排。

DO NOT go to Hubei Province or any other areas with the severe epidemic situation. Avoid crowded places, and actively cooperate to prevent and control this epidemic.

2. 保持良好个人生活和卫生习惯,正确合理佩戴口罩,勤洗手,勤消毒,住所常通风,日常多喝水,饮食清淡,进行合理的体育锻炼。

Maintain personal hygiene, always wear masks properly. Wash your hands and disinfect frequently, and keep your room well ventilated. Drink more water, eat a light diet, and keep reasonable physical exercise.

3. 如出现发热、咳嗽等症状,及时就诊并报告外国留学生工作处、公寓物业或院系老师。

In case of fever, cough or any other symptoms, please go to the hospital immediately and don’t forget to report to the International Students Office, dormitory property management, or program coordinator of your department.


We also expect to know the situation of every individual student (if you have already filled in the questionnaire, you may not need to fill it out again).

自觉做好疫情防控工作,不仅关乎你和身边每一个人的生命安全和身体健康,也是每一位社会人应承担的责任和义务。感谢同学们的理解和支持。Conscious epidemic prevention and control is not only related to the safety and health of yourself and of everyone around you, but also the social responsibility and obligation of individuals. Thank you for your understanding and support.祝大家身体健康!Wish you all good health!
Shanghai International College of Culture (SICC)

student notices from chinese universities

East China Normal University (ECNU)
1. 寒假期间请不要离开居住地外出旅游。切勿前往湖北以及其他疫情严重的区域!

Please do not go on any trips during the winter holiday.

DO NOT go to Hubei Province or any other areas with severe epidemic situation.

2. 如果你已经离开学校,寒假期间务必不要在2月23日前返校。

If you have left, DO NOT come back before Feb.23rd.

3. 计划留在上海不离开的同学,请减少外出,不聚会,不举办和参与集中性活动,避免出入人流集中的区域。

For the students who’re planning to stay in Shanghai, do not leave your dormitory if not necessary, do not party, organize and participate in group activities, and avoid entering and exiting areas where there are a lot of people.

4. 自2020年1月23日24点至2020年2月23日24点,我校中山北路校区和闵行校区各校门将进行封闭管理。期间,校外车辆及行人原则上不得进校;因特殊原因确需进校须凭本人身份证进行登记方能进校;校内师生员工凭工作证或学生证进校;驾车进校必须出示校内停车证,车内人员需出示有效证件方可进校。

For the sake of campus security, from January 23rd to February 23rd, Zhongbei Campus and Minhang Campus gates will be in close-off management.  During this period, those who are not ECNU staff or students are limited to enter the campus without a sound reason or registration. ECNU staff or students must register at the campus gate with ECNU student card/ ID card when entering the campus. Those who drive cars need to present both ECNU parking permit and ID card.

5. 戴口罩、勤洗手、勤消毒,住所常通风,日常多喝水,饮食清淡,进行合理的体育锻炼。

Wear a mask, wash your hands, disinfect frequently, and keep your home well ventilated. Drink plenty of water every day, eat a light diet, and do reasonable physical exercise.

6. 如出现发热、咳嗽等症状,及时就诊并报告留学生办公室。同寝室同学如有患病,应积极配合做好排查和隔离。

In case of fever, cough and other symptoms, please report to the International Students’ Office and go to the hospital immediately. If your friend in the same dormitory is sick, please actively cooperate with the investigation and isolation.

7.  校医院24小时接诊。




School hospital runs 24-hour.

Putuo District: Shanghai No.6 People’s Hospital, Putuo District Central Hospital


Minhang District: Shanghai No.5 People’s Hospital, Minhang District Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, Renji Hospital (South)

8. 假期如有任何突发情况,请及时与留学生办公室联系。

电话: 13795361641(沈军老师)。

In case of an emergency during vacation, you can contact the Int’l students’ office.

Tel: 13795361641 (Peter SHEN).


Thanks for you understanding and cooperation! Wish you a happy, healthy and safe winter vacation!

Donghua University – International Cultural Exchange School (ICES)

student notices from chinese universities

The spread of the 2019-nCoV in China is an evolving situation. The Chinese government is doing its best to halt the spread of the virus, while medical professionals across China are working tirelessly to care for patients.

Local and international students are advised to keep calm, stay in their homes and avoid crowded and public spaces as much as possible. Students are also urged to keep themselves updated on current news and heed the student notices of their respective universities.

To receive student notices from Chinese universities or up-to-date information about the current situation in China, please complete the form below.

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