Spring Festival is coming!

Spring Festival (春节 – chunjie), a.k.a Chinese New Year is coming! As you all know, due to the reason it’s based on Chinese Lunar Calendar, Chinese New Year’s date is different every year.

This year Spring Festival starts on February, 8. It lasts 15 days. Most employees will have 7 days off work, from February 7th to 13th.

Wish you could celebrate Chinese New Year like Chinese people do? Easy. Just remember the following things:

  1. reunion dinnerClean up your house (no, this cannot be skipped);
  2. Shopping (yup, just like Christmas);
  3. New Year Decorations: Spring Couplets, Paper Cutouts, New Year paintings etc;
  4. Reunion dinner (never forget your family);
  5. Dumpling (make lots of dumplings);
  6. Fireworks (buy LOTS of fireworks, even more than dumplings);

These are the key parts of Chinese New Year, but there are more traditions. of course.  Here is an interesting picture explaining what to do each day of the festival:

chinese new year

This holiday is the most important holiday for Chinese people, all of them like to celebrate it with family, and this fact had led to the creation of such thing as Spring Festival Travel Rush (春运: chunyun)- a period of travel in China with extremely high traffic load.

Thinking about going on a trip in February without having bought the tickets two-three-four months earlier? Don’t. It’s too late already.

Don’t believe me? Here is a videographic on Chinese migration.

Imagine what happens when all these people try to get home at the same time?

And they do. Chinese people all over the China plan to return home to spend New Year with their families at that period of time, so pretty much everything is closed. Cafes, big shops, Universities.

Some people say that at that time you can truly understand the experience of Robert Nivelle, the guy who was left all alone on Earth in the movie “I am Legend”, but without the scary part.

Yes, you read that right. All of the Universities in China are not going to be working during the holiday. They will be closed and won’t be able to process any applications for some time.

But don’t worry, because China Admissions is working during Spring Festival!

We will give you the answers to your questions and review your documents, will also give you advice and process your application. And all that for free!

And the minute the Universities are open again, we’ll submit your application.

Contact us at apply@china-admissions.com or apply for Chinese Universities

Shynar from Kazakhstan, studied at Beijing Language and Culture University.
Shynar Shinibekova

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