New June Summer Law Program Launched – CUPL – June 2016

China Admissions and CUPL launch a new Summer Program for June 2016.

China Admissions and CUPL have been cooperating since 2010, and now launch the new June Summer Program, a two week program for international lawyers and law students to study in China. This is offered together with the May Summer Program which is a joint program with University of Montreal. See here for further information and how to apply.

2016 June Program – 5th June to 18th June 2016

June Program Application Deadline – Midnight on Thursday 12th May 2016

Introduction to Summer Programs

Are you currently studying law? Or practicing or working in law? The CUPL Summer Program in Chinese Law is designed for students and lawyers looking to get an intensive understanding to Chinese Law. Based in Beijing, the legal and political capital of China, CUPL is China’s top law school, and with two campuses, it is the largest law school in the world, making it the best place to study Chinese law. With the great wall and the forbidden city, you can also understand about China’s history, and combined with the classes and experience of the program, get an understanding of where China is headed.

You will learn about the fascinating challenges facing China and how China is developing a legal system around the rapidly developing economy. Learn about human rights, environmental law, WTO, corporate law, and dispute resolution, trade law, and many more, with introductions at a Chinese law firm and a visit to the Chinese law courts.

Understanding this culture, and studying alongside, ambitious, globally minded students, will give you an edge that will set you apart from your peers in your studies, challenge you to grow as a person, and give you a boost in your career.

Study on the CUPL Summer Law Program to experience life in Beijing. Feel the fast pace and energy of the capital city of the world’s fastest growing economy. See the contrast between the old city of Beijing and see the new skyscrapers for yourself. Taste the delicious Beijing duck and local dishes at the opening or closing banquet, or pop along to the night market in wangfujing to taste some more daring local delicacies.

2016 Programs

In 2016 there are two summer programs organised by the CUPL Faculty of International Law in May (Monday 4th May to Friday 29th May 2016 2016 ) and June (5th June to 18th June 2016).

The 2016 May Program is a joint program with University of Montreal which has been running for 10 years. Students from any country are welcome to apply. There are expected to be over 100 students on this program, and you are advised to apply as soon as possible to this program to ensure a place, as the spaces are limited.

Please note that the program is from 5th June to 18th June. The provisional schedule is shown below.


About the Program

The Summer Program will cover the following key areas of Chinese Law:

O Introduction to Chinese Legal System
O Chinese Constitutional and Administrative Law
O Foreign Trade Law
O Chinese Legal System
O Chinese Civil Law
O Company Law
O Alternative Dispute Resolution
O Environmental Law
O Family Law
O Labor Law
O Foreign Trade Law
O Human Rights in China
O Chinese Contract Law
O Criminal Law
O Foreign Investment Law
O Intellectual Property Law
O China and WTO


You will experience the Great Wall, Ming Emperors’ Tomb, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and have the opportunity to experience a Chinese Court (Haidian People’s Court) and you will see the rapidly developing Beijing next to Old Beijing. You will also attend a criminal trial and visit a local law firm.

You will be able to visit, other tourist attractions in the cities of Shanghai, Xi’an, Hong Kong, ChengDu, etc. in the travel break, or you could also take time before or after the program to further explore different parts of China.

University Credits

On completion of the program you will receive a certificate which you can use for credits in your home University towards you degree program. If you would like to do this please contact your University in advance to check the regulations for receiving credits (we can provide assistance beforehand if necessary).


You will stay at the Jiming Express Hotel which is conveniently located near the South gate of China University of Political Science and Law. This includes breakfast and wifi for staying in touch with friends, family or colleagues. The outside of the hotel is a typical Beijing atmosphere and there are a number of local restaurants with food from different regions of China just outside the hotel. You can relax after the day with dinner outside, local meat or hot dishes with a cold Tsingtao beer, with local Beijingers in typcal Beijing style.

Please note that the accommodation is not guaranteed for the May program. You may choose to organise accommodation yourself, or we can help to find accommodation for you. Without accommodation the cost of the May program is $1900 USD.

Cost of Study:

The cost of the programs is $2400 USD per student, the cost includes, teaching, airport picking up service, tours and sightseeing scheduled in the program, and lunch, and hotel. The dinner is not covered because students may have different activities in the afternoon and it is not possible to organise dinner for all students.

Students will be sent arrival instructions for taking a taxi from the airport to the University. If you would like to request airport pickup for your arrival the program it can also be arranged, please contact us to confirm your arrival time. The cost for the June Program without accommodation is: $2100 USD.


“Studying law in China is an excellent opportunity and I can’t think of any better place to do it than CUPL. My classes here are always interesting, students from different cultures and legal backgrounds discuss law in China with insightful and helpful professors”
Frederick from UK

“The curriculum was skilfully devised to allow students to learn a significant amount of detail in a relatively short period of time. The courses were taught by Chinese doctors and professors who seemed to have been very qualified in the area of law in which they specialised. The professors all presented their respective course in a very professional manner. I was particularly pleased that they were generally very open about their views on various national issues in China. I found Beijing to be an awesome city. It is a modern metropolis that is more westernised than I was made to believe before arriving there.”
Dwight from Bahamas

“The summer program gave me the possibility to fully appreciate both the lessons, held in the morning from very qualified professors, and the chinese culture and its lively society, with a lot of free time to spend enjoying the city and also through the activities, trips and meals organized by the university. As a student at CUPL, you will never forget this life experience.”
Giacomo from Italy

“All the Professors were great. I’ve had a great time in Beijing and I thank CUPL and its staff for being so respectful to us.”
Lucas from Brazil
Application Deadline

May Program Application Deadline – Midnight on Wednesday 22nd April 2016
June Program Application Deadline – Midnight on Thursday 12th May 2016

Admission Requirements

Anyone who is seeking an introduction to the Chinese legal system with sufficient English level is welcome to apply as long as they are 18 years or older. Students will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Application Process:

To apply:
1) Complete the Summer Program application form here
2) pay the $100 USD application fee which should be made here

After your application has been processed, you will then receive an admission acceptance letter. Instructions and information regarding your arrival to Beijing, including tuition fee payment (you are requested to pay an advance deposit of $1000 to secure your place on the program), instructions for Chinese Visa will then be sent to you. We will need your flight details in order to arrange your airport pickup and hotel and send instructions for your arrival.

To apply complete the application form here and pay the application fee here.

Don’t miss your chance to learn more about the program. Contact us at or click:

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