MBBS Program at Shantou University Medical College


Shantou University was founded in 1981 and is located in Guangdong, a south east coastal part of China. It is a well-established private university with 8 schools and colleges including Medical College, Business School, College of Sciences and College of Engineering, Cheung Kong School of Art and Design, College of Liberal Arts, and Cheung Kong School of Journalism and Communication. Li Ka Shing funds the university and has helped the university get up to $8 billion in 2018 in support of the institution.

The MBBS Program at SUMC

The MBBS program at Shantou University is approved by the Ministry of Education in China and it is one of the best MBBS programs in China. It was introduced in the university in 2010 and it has succeeded very well so far. The targeted students are from Australian, U.K and U.S backgrounds. If you come from any of those countries or wish to practice medicine in those countries, you can apply for the program. Since it is quite competitive, only high performing students are enrolled into the program.

As an international student who wishes to enroll in the MBBS program, you do not need to learn Chinese as the program is taught in English. There is only one intake per year for this program, every September. Unlike many MBBS programs which take 6 years to complete, Shantou University enables you to complete the program earlier, within 5 years. In order to benefit fully from the educational program, you and other students will be grouped into small classes so that you can get the required attention.

Shantou University Medical College (SUMC)

The medical college has 2 main facilities used by the students. One facility is at the main campus where you spend your first few years as a medical student. Later, you will move to the second facility which is located in Shantou City where research and specialized training is carried out.
SUMC does more than provide valuable medical education for you and other students. It provides high quality healthcare to patients. Clinical and biomedical research is also conducted at SUMC. Regarding research, SUMC has taken part in many scientific research collaborations. It has also collaborated with many other medical institutions in other countries thus creating a network of research institutions and medical schools.

Life of Medical Students at Shantou University

When you enroll for the MBBS program, you not only learn the theory of medicine but you get a chance to put your knowledge to use. You will learn skills required in the medical industry through clinical exposure and problem-based learning. Since SUMC also provides healthcare services to the community, you will be able to get exposure to real medical problems and see how they are handled.


Apart from academic work, you can also take part in entertaining activities at the campus. The Student Union, an organization that oversees the welfare of students at the university, is responsible for organizing such activities for you. Some activities you can take part in include sports such as volleyball, football, tennis and basketball among others. There are also various festivals you can take part in including The English Science and Technology Festival and The Campus Art and Cultural Festival which includes singing, dancing, interior design and paining among other things.

Is the MBBS Program from Shantou University Internationally Recognized?

When you enroll for the MBBS program and graduate, you will be eligible to practice medicine in the U.S without requiring further studies or examinations. Alternatively, if you who come from other areas such as Australia and U.K or intend to practice medicine there, you will be qualified to go and directly practice medicine with the qualification you possess from Shantou University.

The MBBS program at Shantou University is as good as the MBBS programs offered in top U.S universities. As a graduate from Shantou University, you will be able to compete fairly with medical professionals from the U.S and other countries.

Entry Requirements for Shantou University MBBS Program

The entry requirements for the MBBS program are quite high. Only top performing students are admitted into the program. Some of the requirements include:
• You should be healthy, both physically and mentally
• You should not have a criminal record
• If you are not from an English-speaking country, you should be able to speak, read and write English well since the course is taught in English
• You should be a foreigner and must have a valid passport

Scholarship for the MBBS Program

In order to encourage more foreign students to study in Guangdong, a scholarship for foreign students was set up. The scholarship is known as the ‘Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarship’. To apply for the scholarship, you need to meet the following requirements:
• You must be under 40 years old
• You must not be benefiting from any other scholarship during the current academic year
• You must be an academic student currently enrolled in a full-time course and you have the required academic qualifications
• You must be a foreign student with a valid visa and passport

Graduation Requirements


Graduation for the MBBS program usually takes place in June, every year. As an MBBS student, you will be accredited with a Bachelor of Medicine degree. Your family and friends can be part of your graduation since Shantou University welcomes visitors to share in this joyous moment. However, before you can graduate, there are a few requirements that need to be met. They include:
• You must complete all the required units in the course.
• You must do all the scheduled exams and pass them
• Everything that is required by SUMC should be done before graduation
• You must clear all your balances including tuition and other expenses before the graduation day

Apply now for the next intake for the MBBS program and get the same amazing experience as other international students.

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