MBA Scholarships In China for 2021 Intake: Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong?

Admissions are open for MBA programs for 2021 intake. The earlier you apply the higher your chances of getting accepted and getting a scholarship.

Recently we have launched scholarships in China on our platform, and we have listed some MBA scholarships here.

Recently we have more and more international students who are looking to study MBA in China as China’s economy continues to grow rapidly and there are more and more opportunities in China for global talent.

MBA programs in China are also rising rapidly up the global rankings due to the increasing salaries. Some of the top MBA programs are below:

– Shanghai Jiaotong,
– Fudan University,

– Peking University
– Tsinghua University

Hong Kong:
– Hong Kong University
– Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
– Chinese University of Hong Kong

Our CEO and founder is Richard Coward from UK and he is currently available to give consultations to students interested in an MBA in China. He has studied Chinese at Peking University, and also at CEIBS in Shanghai on the Pre-MBA Bootcamp Program. He has helped many students apply for MBA programs in China.

  • He can help to give you general advice in a free consultation
  • Which is the best MBA? How to choose the best MBA Program for you?
  • We also have a wide network of international students we can introduce you to at these universities. This can be extremely valuable for you to understand from a students perspective and get some inside tips.
  • He can also advise about GMAT vs GRE requirements in different programs
  • We are also available to review and give feedback on your application, application essays, and available for interview preparation.
  • We can also advise about the scholarships and funding options.

We do also have advisors who have studied in China from Mongolia, Indonesia and Rwanda  available to help answer your questions.

If you are interested in learning more fill out the form below and we will reply soon.

MBA in China - Requesting Consultation

  • Please provide your WeChat ID, otherwise, you can use Whatsapp or Line.
  • Name of company/organization where you are currently working.
  • Name of university/college where you obtained your most recent degree.

Founder and CEO at China Admissions. Originally from UK🇬🇧, based in Beijing. Studied at Peking University & BLCU. Preparing for HSK 6. Hope we can help more talented international students have the same amazing experiences and opportunities that I have had
Richard Coward

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