Life in China: insurance for foreign students

Getting health insurance in China is actually quite a simple deal, in spite of what most people might tell you. Of course, if you are even thinking of applying for any university within Mainland China, you’ll need to present required documents stating that you are in a heathy condition, or at least without any concerning diseases that might cause any trouble in the future.

Sounds familiar? Yes. Same rules apply to most (if not any) university in the world. Once you go through all the paperwork, when you are finally about to register in the University of your choice you’ll be required to purchase a local health insurance card.20130618154301266

Of course, you can refuse. But without the insurance the University will not accept you and help you with visa application.

You also have a choice of buying insurance in your country and coming with it to China. Universities don’t mind, as long as it at least covers accidental injury medical treatment and hospitalisation medical treatment and covers at least RMB400,000 yuan.

So here you are: paid tuition fee, bought insurance for foreign students, on the way to the visa office, having your receipt in your hand, trying to get all these formalities over with. And when you see a garbage can, your hand automatically stretches to throw the receipt away. DON’T.

Never. Throw. Any. Of. Those. Receipts. Away.

Trust me, one day you’ll need it.

So you put the card in your wallet and as any other students you start thinking: what exactly this card is for?

se22475780Well, let’s take Ping An Life insurance Company, one of the major insurance companies in China. It provides a comprehensive insurance and protection scheme for foreigners staying in China.

The insurance covers hospital fees for clinic emergency treatment, clinic operation, hospitalization expenses as well as other accidental injury, etc. For more details about Ping’an insurance, visit the website:

Insurance Liabilities Insurance Amount (Yuan) RMB
Liability for Death + Accidental Disability 100,000
Medical Treatment for Outpatient and Emergency 20,000
Medical Treatment for Accidental Injury 20,000
Hospitalization Medical Treatment 400,000

Here’s more information.

So if you get into a serious accident, get hospitalized, you’ll have to pay the cost of the treatment yourself, but if you keep all the receipts, you can take those to the offices within your institution (start from the foreign students’ office) and they should refund you most of the cost.

How much is the insurance? For international students insurance for half a year will cost 300RMB, and for the whole year will cost 600RMB. Compared to the fees most hospitals charge per session 600RMB is actually nothing.

And compared to health money is nothing. So if you are not feeling well, please don’t take it lightly, don’t underestimate it and go to the hospital: a small flu can easily develop into something more serious, and you won’t want that to happen to you when you are so far away from home. But if unfortunately it happens you’ll be glad they made you buy the insurance.184246_TQJXQ

So buy insurance, go to the hospitals and stay safe.

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