Chinese 101: How to Leave a Telephone Message in Chinese!

Answering the phone when someone calls is easy, but how about when it’s the other way around? What if you call someone over the phone, but nobody answers? Learn how to leave a telephone message in Chinese, quick and easy!


Here’s a quick scenario that you can take lessons from!

You are calling your customer, but he isn’t in his office. What you should say to his secretary? I would like to talk about how to leave a message in Chinese this week.

留言 leave a message
huí diànhuà
回电话 call back
gěi huí diànhuà
给……回电话 call someone back
diànhuà hàomǎ
电话号码 phone number

Besides these Chinese words, don’t forget to mention your name. It will allow the receiver to know who the message comes from. Below is an example!

Wéi, nín hǎo! Wǒ shì Richard.
喂,您好! 我是Richard.
Hello, this is Richard.

After you mention your name you can then proceed with the above tips!

Are you ready to practice your Chinese language skills? Call someone you know today, and try to leave a telephone message in Chinese!

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