Interested in learning about Chinese culture? Read this book!

The mission of China Admissions is to help students to grow, by pushing boundaries and breaking down barriers. We do this by practically making it easier for students to study in China, and opening up Chinese Universities and opportunities in China to students.

But there are not only practical barriers that we help to break down, through improving access to education we can break down barriers and limitations that we impose on ourselves, in our life that we are not aware of, about finances, relationships and what we are capable of. Education has the incredible power to open our mind and helps us to reach our potential.

After some discussion with a Chinese philosophy teacher at Tongji University in Shanghai, which is one of our partners, I was recommended to read the Dao De Jing, a book by Loazi written in the 6th century. Its a very well known book in China and around the world.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

This is one of the most well known phrases from the book. There are also

    many other words of wisdom. Its a great book to read to learn and improve yourself, while also gaining an understanding of Chinese culture and how Chinese people think and it is also amazing that a book written so long ago can also be relevant in our modern time.

    From this comes the Dao (Tao), and Taoism and has a great effect on Chinese culture, confuciusim and Chinese buddhism. Although the Chinese can be quite difficult to understand (even for many Chinese people), there are some English versions translated it into English.

    A recommended version is by Wayne Dyer, which is quite easy to read, he spent a year writing this book, reading the phrases, and different interpretations, and writing his explanations of what he thinks of it.
    There are also many other versions and free copies online.

    We recommend you begin your journey of understanding China and improving yourself with reading some pages of Dao De Jing.

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    Richard Coward

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