How the Immersion Program at CLI Can Improve Your Chinese Fast!

Do you want to improve your Chinese fast?

The Chinese Language Institute (CLI) in Guilin City, China provides students from all walks of life one-of-a-kind opportunities to learn Chinese and explore China through meaningful and focused immersion.

CLI delivers highly effective, intensive and personalized Chinese language programs through one-on-one Chinese classes that will hasten your learning speed.

Explore the immersion program and send in your application!

Immersion Program Details and Application Process

The Immersion Program at CLI is the core language learning track. With fully customizable short and long-term academic terms, 20 weekly hours of one-on-one Chinese lessons and an array of weekly activities and excursions, CLI provides complete language immersion in a comfortable environment designed to maximize learning speed and effectiveness.

Program Features
  • Weekly activities and monthly travel excursions designed to immerse students deeply into Chinese language and culture.
  • Personalized care from the moment you contact CLI until your final day of coursework.
  • The Pengyou program is an optional add-on to your Immersion program at no additional tuition cost. If you choose to participate in the Pengyou Program, CLI will match you with a student from our local partner university who also applied to join the program.
  • One-on-One Intensive Chinese

CLI believes that a traditional large classroom instruction slows down the learning speed of a student because it lessens the opportunity to ask questions and actually speak Chinese.

CLI’s one-on-one instruction solves this problem by maximizing the amount of time each student has to ask questions and utilize new Chinese words and concepts learned each day. It also allows CLI’s Mandarin instructors to tailor class content and teaching style to each individual student’s needs.

  • Small-Group Classes Option

CLI recognizes that different students have different learning styles. Sharing class time with other students in a small group setting gives you the opportunity to learn from your peers, and it also provides an alternative classroom dynamic.

  • Three Unique Instructors

CLI provides each Immersion Program student with three unique Mandarin instructors. One teacher will focus on your reading and writing, another on your listening and speaking, and your third, comprehensive teacher will tie all of these components together with in-depth lessons and review.

  • The CLI Method

The Immersion Program integrates all aspects of the Chinese language (reading, writing, speaking, grammar, listening, pronunciation, and vocabulary) into a completely unique learning experience.

  • CLI Language Pledge Option

The CLI Method stresses the importance of total language immersion and thinking and speaking in Chinese as much as possible. To help foster these crucial learning components, CLI has a flexible language pledge program, which allows students to opt in or out at any time.

If you put on your CLI Language Pledge wristband, you’re “opting in” which means you must speak only Chinese while wearing your wristband. Students can “opt out” of the CLI Language Pledge program at any time simply by removing their wristband.

Start Date and Fees

CLI’s Immersion Program allows you to begin your study on any Monday of your choosing (except in late January or February, due to the Spring Festival holiday), and you may study for any length of time.

Arrive on the Saturday or Sunday prior to your session’s start date to allow for sufficient time to settle into Guilin. CLI’s orientation is held on the first Monday of your program (some activities may be held on Sunday as well).

All tuition amounts are listed in US Dollars (USD)

Included in the tuition are your 20 weekly hours of Chinese, comprehensive orientation, support and emergency assistance, housing accommodations, activities and travel excursions and visa assistance.

About the Chinese Language Institute (CLI)

Founded in 2009 by brothers Robert and Bradford Fried, CLI aims to provide students a unique path to learning Chinese and understanding Chinese culture. With a combined 20 years of experience in China, Robert and Bradford developed an individualized educational platform that will help students learn the Chinese language fast.

CLI is home to a community of local and international educators. The institute is grounded by values of trust, openness, and putting students first. Educators at CLI are passionate about sharing the Chinese language and culture. CLI provides a welcoming and warm environment for students, ensuring that you have the best possible learning experience.

Learn more about CLI here.

Search for CLI programs or get in touch with China Admissions to fast-track your application process. Our trained student counselors are ready to give you a hand, from document preparation to your arrival in China.

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