How to apply to Study in China’s Universities

How to apply to study in China?

The application process for studying in Chinese Universities might seem complicated and confusing for you. China is a different culture and it can be hard to find clear information about the application process with some Universities which may be out of date. Many students also find it difficult to communicate with Chinese Universities who may be difficult to reach by email or phone.

We receive lots of inquires from students who don’t quite understand where to start their application from, so we have decided to explain the whole process step by step on how to apply to study in China’s Universities.

1) How can I apply to Study in China’s Universities?

Applying to study in China through us is very simple and easier than applying by yourself, as we do the bigger part of application on your behalf and we do it for free. We are funded by China’s Universities. In some cases, if you are applying to two or more Chinese Universities, applying through China Admissions can be cheaper than applying directly to Universities by yourself.

Here is how you can apply through us:

1. Complete our online application form, click here to get started.


2. Send the application documents first to us by email at

We can review them for free before you finally submit them. One of our advisors will reply back to you with information on the next step and further assistance.


2) What application documents are needed to apply to study in China?

The full list of required documents slightly differs depending on the Chinese University, but the basic list as follows:

  1. Passport copy
  2. A photo (passport size)
  3. Graduation certificate
  4. Official transcripts
  5. 2 recommendation letters (should be written and signed by your teachers/professors and contain their contact details)
  6. Personal statement (instructions how to write one are here)

Additionally, there might be a request to provide: (if these documents are required, we’ll contact you after reviewing your application):

  1. Bank statement
  2. Physical examination form

All documents should be either in English or Chinese. If your documents are in any other language, you should get a notarized translation before you submit the documents.

3) What is the application process of Chinese Universities:

Step 1. Provide all the information required on our online application form 

This information includes your contact details, home address, the details of your emergency contact, work and education background etc.

Step 2. Provide all the required documents

Step 3. Pay the application fee

Application fee is paid to have your application reviewed, but it also covers the postal fee and the fee of applying for visa application form (JW202 form). It is not refundable even if your application wasn’t successful. The amount is set by University and is different at each University. How to pay the application fee here.

Step 4. Submit application and wait for our feedback
We will then reply and give you feedback promptly.

4) What happens after the application is submitted?

It’ll take us around 1-2 days to review it and if there are no mistakes or no additional information required, we’ll process it within 2 days and update you when it’s submitted and provide you with your application ID.

It usually takes 4-6 weeks for University to review an application and make a decision. But regarding the results Universities can be divided into two types:

  1. Universities which review applications one by one and provide the results right after the review
  2. Universities which review applications after the deadline, all at once and provide the results after the deadline

Obviously, it takes longer to know the result of your admission from the second type, but we’ll follow up on your application and update you regularly.

To successful applicants Universities will send their admission package which consists of admission notice and JW202 form, it usually takes a month to receive it, that’s why it’s recommended to apply as early as possible. To learn more about visa application process click here.

If you still have questions about the applications process or want our advice regarding your documents or program or University, our contact details:

Book a free skype call here,
Email us at
Phone / Whatsapp: +86 132 4122 2181


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