How to apply to Chinese Universities with China Admissions?

Step 1: Choose your field of study

Before starting your application, it’s important to know what exactly you would like to study. What is my passion? Who would I like to be? What do I see myself doing in the future? All these questions could be helpful to define the study of your interest.

After you choose the study of your interest, you can visit to search for Chinese universities that offer your program. Using our search engine, you can narrow down universities to specific cities, programs, and even different intakes. However, if you don’t have any idea about Chinese universities and programs that is suitable for you, you can directly contact our Recruitment Specialists at We will get back to you in 24 hours.

Step 2: Apply now

After you choose the suitable university and the program, click on “Apply Now” to go to fast and simple all-in-one application system. It will take less than 15 minutes for you to submit your application. No matter how many universities and programs you choose, you will only need to submit only one application, and the rest will be done by us.

Step 3: China Admissions Review

After you submit your application, the China Admissions enrollments team will review your application and your documents, then get back to you with feedback.

Step 4: University Submission

After we make sure that all your documents are ready and fit the university requirements, we submit your application directly to the university. The university processing time usually takes between 2 weeks to 4 weeks, depending on the university and the program.

Step 5: University Acceptance

After your acceptance, the university will issue an admission notice for you, which will include the details of the program, expected duration, tuition and more. Please note that most universities will ask for the pre-payment or deposit to bee paid in advance to prepare your admission package and JW202 form (visa form). Therefore, the university will send your documents via postage to your address of residence only after your payment.


Step 6: Visa application

After you receive the admission package from the university, you will need to go to the Chinese embassy in your city or the country to apply for the X1 visa (if your studies are longer than 6 months), and X2 visa (if your studies are shorted than 6 months).

Visa documentation are:

  1. White background professional photo
  2. Original Valid Passport
  3. Original and copy of Admission Letter
  4. Original and copy of JW202 form
  5. Visa application form
  6. Residence permit
  7. The proof of flight tickets and accommodation booking
  8. Bank statement (with finances enough to cover at least 6 months to 1 year of your expenses in China)

Step 7: Departure to China

You can read about the preparation for departure to China HERE

For an airport pick-up request, please fill in this FORM, so we could assist your trip to any location.

Step 8: University Registration

After your arrival at the university, you will need to go to the university office and do the registration. Don’t forget to bring your Passport, Photo and Admission Letter with you. After the registration, you will have the exact course information and schedules. Please note that you will need to register at the local police station within 24 hours of your arrival to China and get the Residence Permit paper.

Are you ready to apply?

You can search programs and apply here.

We hope to help your dreams come true!

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