DEADLINES – Universities Still Open for September 2019 Intake

Most of the deadlines for September 2019 have already passed, but there are still some great Chinese universities you can apply to.

7th July
– CKGSB MBA Program

13th July
– Jinan University
– University of Nottingham Ningbo China

15th July
– Shantou University – MBBS and Bachelor’s in Nursing *Popular*
– Wuhan University


30th July
– BLCC Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College *Popular*
– University of Science & Technology Beijing
– Jiangsu University
– Harbin Institute of Technology *Popular*
– Ningbo University
– Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (Master & Chinese language)

– Zhejiang University of Technology
– Zhengzhou University (Master & PhD)
– Zhejiang Gongshang University

– Hebei Medical University (MBBS)
– Chongqing Medical University (MBBS)

– East China Normal University (Chinese language)
– BLCU Beijing Language Culture University (Chinese language)

10th August

– Changzhou University
– Guangxi Medical University (MBBS)

15th September

– Liaoning Medical University / Jinzhou Medical University *Popular*


No Deadline:
– That’s Mandarin Private Chinese School

How to apply

To apply, complete the application form here. 

You can request free advice on the link here.

We hope we can help make your dreams come true!

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