Best apps to study Chinese

1. Translate:

Pleco Chinese Dictionary. The must have app if you are studying Chinese. Or even if you are not. It has saved a lot of lives.4029474408_5bf3d37e4c

Waygo Visual Translator. Well, you lucky spoiled people with smartphones and applications, what do you know about life? I remember, we used to look around and point at the dishes on other tables which looked well and then used to explain to a waiter that we want the same. But now you have an app which helps with translating the menu.

大БКРС. Dictionary for Russian speakers. Their app is not that good and easy to download, but the site is the best.

2. Study:

Remembering Chinese characters, their meaning and how to write them becomes easier with Skritter. The app constantly repeats the words, making you remember not only the character itself, but its tone, order and translation.

BoPoMo Help helps with remembering pinyin and correct pronunciation. Pretty simple app, nothing much but someone might find it very helpful.

For those who learn faster when they do tests, who like tests and like seeing how many answers they got right and learning from mistakes they made there are Laokang trainning apps. There are Laokang: Tone trainer, Laokang: Tone test, Laokang: Pinyin test, Laokang: Character Component Test etc.

3. Improve your Chinese:

HelloTalk is an app which helps you find a language partner who will help you improve you language skill, whichever language you choose.

4. HSK:

When you want to get HSK, no matter which level, the most important thing to do is do as many tests as you can. Because no matter how good you are at Chinese, a test is a test after all. It’s all about finishing it on time, be concentrated and be familiar with the rules.

There are a lot of apps which has a lot of tests, if you just search HSK you’ll see. I’d suggest you download them all and do them all but here are the best ones:

HSK Vocabularyu=711717473,1635799628&fm=21&gp=0

Hello HSK – HSK Level ___(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Test Training

HSK Flashcard


But even in our era of smartphones, internet and so many websites which helps study another language, sometimes it’s just better to have a teacher. Because no matter how many words you learn per day, you still need to know how to use them. And no matter how good the explanations on the websites are they can’t replace a real teacher.

But sometimes people don’t have enough time or they can’t just give up everything and come to China just so there will be a real teacher to help them learn Chinese. Or even when they are working in Beijing, it’s still hard to adjust the schedule to University’s schedule and it takes a lot of time to get to the school and go back.

That’s why it’s a good thing we live in our era of smartphones, internet and it’s a good thing u=587590188,1370445731&fm=21&gp=0.jpgBLCU (Beijing LANGUAGE and Culture University) offers 1 on 1 Online Chinese Programs. This way you can choose when to study, you don’t have to spend time on traveling and you don’t have to drop everything and fly across the planet to pursue your dream.

A teacher just for you, he or she can teach you Chinese and for that you don’t even have to leave your house! How amazing is that?

To apply for this awesome opportunity to learn Chinese, please go to: and follow the instructions.

And if you want to take HSK, or learn Chinese not only online, you can contact us here: and we will help you and give you free personalised advice.CGES-Logo-Study-in-China-2





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