Bachelor Programs at the Sino-British College!

Finding the right education can be hard sometimes. It is all about finding the best opportunity! If you are interested in Business, Event Management and Engineering the Sino-British College (SBC) offers a jungle of opportunities!

SBC is the result of innovative collaboration between nine top UK universities and the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. The University allows students to receive an education in both Shanghai and at one of the nine UK universities. By cleverly bundling their resources, SBC is able to provide over one hundred Bachelor programs in the field of Business or Engineering. You are not only able to choose from a vast array of programs but you can also individually choose a pathway, which determines the duration of your stay in Shanghai and the UK.

There are quite a lot of opportunities to individualize your studies at SBC. As a result there are some important choices to make before applying. In order to better understand these choices, we will guide you through the most important steps!

Understanding the pathways

Before making things less complicated, you need to understand the available pathways. The pathways determine how long of your studies you will be spending in Shanghai and how much of your time you spend in the UK.

If you are a non-native English speaker, you are required to take a foundation year. The foundation year helps you to gain an education equivalent to the UK A-levels (highschool) and enhance your language skills (more information here). The available pathways are depicted below:

The first and third number indicate how many years you stay in Shanghai, the second number indicates the number of years you stay in the UK. If you, as a non-native speaker for example choose 2+1+1 as a pathway, then you stay 2 years in Shanghai, then one year in the UK and then again one year in Shanghai.

What choices do you need to make before applying at SBC?

There are generally three main choices to make before applying at SBC:

  1. Which subject do you want to study?
  2. What pathway do you want to take (duration in Shanghai/UK)?
  3. Which UK University do you want to study at?


So for your application it will be important to let us know which program you choose, which pathway and which UK university you would like to study at. Each choice you make affects the options you have for the other choices. For example, if you want to study for the entire duration of your studies in Shanghai and don’t want to study in the UK, there are only four subjects you can choose from. But don’t worry, things aren’t as complicated as they seem!

Applying in two easy steps!

In order to make things less complicated, it is a good idea to prioritize and think what it is that you value the most. For most students the subject is probably the most important aspect. The department of Business Management and the department of Event Management, offer more than 40 business subjects. For engineering, the department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering or the department and Mechanical Engineering offer more than 25 different subjects. You find all available business subjects here, and the available Engineering subjects here.  If you let us know which subject you would like to study we can tell you what pathways and UK universities are available. You can also go the other way around and let us know what kind of pathway you prefer. We can then look up the courses that are available for this pathway.

So there is basically just two steps:

  1. Apply here, for the China/UK mixed Degree Program
  2. At the end of the applicaiton, please note which subject or pathway you prefer. You can also let us know by writing an email to

We will then inform you about your options and finalize the application for you!

Founder and CEO at China Admissions. Originally from UK🇬🇧, based in Beijing. Studied at Peking University & BLCU. Preparing for HSK 6. Hope we can help more talented international students have the same amazing experiences and opportunities that I have had
Richard Coward

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