Bachelor’s Degree Class in Chinese Teaching


Introduction to the Program

The Bachelor’s Degree Class in Chinese Teaching at BLCC is a 4 year (1 year in BLCC, 3 year in Jinan University) program for international students.

About BLCC

Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College (BLCC, previously known as Beijing Overseas Students Training School, Beijing Chinese Language and Culture School, Beijing Chinese Language and Culture Training Center) is directly subordinate to OCAO. It is the only one institution specialized in Chinese education in China. The college was founded in 1950. For more info visit the page here.

About the Program

Intended for international students who have a high school diploma (or achieve equivalent education level) or above and are willing to engage in Chinese teaching after graduation. To train student to acquire a comprehensive and systematic knowledge of Chinese language, train them to master Chinese teaching theories and skills. School system is 4 years (1 year in BLCC, 3 years in Jinan University). Upon graduation, students will receive a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Education of Jinan University.

Start Date of the Program

September (Fall Semester)

February (Spring Semester)

Entry Requirements

High School Graduate

Application Deadline

Students may apply at any time of the year.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are RMB9600 per semester. The total for the 4 year program is 76,800 RMB.


The college has two campuses. Fuchengmen campus, located in central Beijing and Huilongguan campus, located in Changping District of Beijing. The two campuses can accommodate a total of about 2,000 students. For further information on the accommodation visit the accommodation page here.

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