Master’s in Electrical Engineering

Introduction to the Program

The Master’s in Electrical Engineering at Beijing Jiaotong University is a three-year program taught in English for international students.

About Beijing Jiaotong University

As one of the first group of universities accepted into the “Outstanding Engineers Training Plan”, Beijing Jiaotong University contributes to joint talents training program of industry and institute with rail traffic and local economic development of Beijing by taking advantage of good cooperation with industry based on experimental majors of “Outstanding Engineers Training Plan”. To increase the practical ability of students, BJTU has cooperation with Nanjing Railway Vocational College, Shanxi Railway Engineering Vocational College, Zhengzhou Railway Vocational College, Guangzhou Railway Vocational College, Guiyang Vocational Technology College and Jilin Railway Vocational College etc. To provide practical opportunity and platform for students to grow into top international engineers who are good at both theory and practice.

Program Overview

The first-level discipline of electrical engineering at Beijing Jiaotong University includes five second-level disciplines, which are respectively motors and electrical apparatus, electric power system and automation, power electronics and electrical drives, high voltage and insulation technology, and electrical theory and new technology. Among the above five disciplines, power electronics and electrical drives, and the electric power system and automation belong to provincial (ministerial)-level disciplines. After many years of development, the discipline is composed of many high-level teaching faculties; there are over 40 doctoral supervisors and nearly 100 master’s supervisors. Students will develop a solid disciplinary foundation in theoretical and professional skills upon graduation, which helps them have easy access to the job market and qualify for a wide range of employment opportunities. On the basis of providing service to rail transit and electric new energy industry, great importance is attached to common basic theories and key technologies, integrating with national great demands and development strategies, the discipline is of distinguishing feature and excellent social reputation.

Program Characteristics

Basic schooling years is 3 years for full-time academic postgraduates.

  1. General Course (7 credits) – Basic Chinese, Chinese Culture, Information Retrieval
  2. Foundation Course (2 credits) – Matrix Analysis
  3. Major Core Course (10 credits) – Electric Network Theory, Modern Power System Analysis, Modern Electronic Circuit and System, Renewable Energy Microgrid Systems, Modern Control Engineering
  4. Major Elective Course (4 credits) – Electric Power System Automation, Three-phase Converters Topologies, and Modulation
    Techniques, Power Battery Application Techniques, Modeling and Control in Power System and Smart Grid Applications, Modern Power System Protection and Control
  5. Thesis related(3 credits) – lectures on the frontier (2 credits): To attend no less than 8 academic lectures. literature review (1 credit): The literature review report with 3000 words should be approved by the supervisor


Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent, 2 recommendations by associate professors or above, to be approved of by the target university. At least
2 years of working experience is required for MBA program applicants. Language requirements for English-taught programs: TOEFL 68(IBT) or IELTS 5.5 or pass English test of BJTU.

Required Documents:
  1. Photocopy (scanned copy or facsimiled copy) of passport details.
  2. Your recent photo with white background and minimum size 640 × 480 pixels, or eight pieces of printed copies with size 30 by 40mm when sent by post.
  3. Notarized diploma and transcripts in English or Chinese (originals should be produced at registration).
  4. HSK Level 4 Certificate (degree programs taught in Chinese) or English Proficiency Certificate (degree programs taught in English).
  5. Applicants for Master’s or doctoral programs should provide two recommendation letters by associate professors or above and a study plan at a minimum of 800 words with a detailed description of the contents or field information during the study in China.
  6. Financial Prove (this requirement is for fee-paying students, full government scholarship applicants are exempt from this requirement), students should provide financial proof that shows sufficient fund available to study at BJTU for the entire study period. Bank statement under the student’s name is preferred. If parents or other person is financing student’s study in China, then the bank statement of this financial sponsor and a letter from the sponsor stating he/she will sponsor the student’s all cost when a study at BJTU should be provided.
  7. Physical Examination Result (Please download the physical examination form on, complete the form by a certified health provider and upload the form together with the necessary test result)
  8. Personal Resume (Curriculum Vitae)

Application Deadline

January 15 for the spring semester, July 15 for the fall semester.

Start Date of the program

March 1 for the spring semester, September 1 for the fall semester.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are 35,000 RMB per year. The total fee for the three-year program is 105,000 RMB.


To apply complete the application form and pay the application fee here. It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for your application to be processed and before an admissions decision is given. After you have been accepted you will receive your official acceptance letter visa application form. If you have any questions contact us.

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