Chinese Language Program

Introduction to the Program

The Chinese Language Program at Beihang University is a 6 month – 2 year program for international students. Students can start the program in February or September each year.

About Beihang University

Beihang University is located on Xueyuan Lu in Haidian District of Beijing. It is located close to Wudaokou (the student district) of Beijing. It is a comprehensive University with expertise in Engineering and offers many programs to international students, and is one of the leading Universities in China.
For more information visit the Beihang University page here.

About the Chinese Language Training Center:

The Chinese Language Training Center (CLTC) was established in 1994 and is attached to the international school of Beihang University. CLTC is well known for the high quality of the teachers and staff, and also has the latest multi-media teaching facilities. CLTC offers a variety of Chinese language training programs including fundamental Chinese, Oral Chinese, and using the Universities expertise in engineering to offer courses in scientific and technological Chinese.

 Since 1994, several thousands of international students have studied on the Chinese language program at Beihang University’s Chinese Language Training Center. CLTC aims to improve a student’s overall Chinese level by focusing on listening, speaking, reading and writing, enabling them to become proficient in Chinese.

Entry Requirements:

Applicants who are 18-60 are eligible to apply.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the Spring Semester is 20th December, the application deadline for the fall semester is 20th June.

Tuition Fees

The fees for the Chinese program are:
 – 1 semester: 8,600 RMB
 – 1 year: 15,800 RMB


There are 20 class hours each week from Monday to Friday. Students are divided into different levels from elementary, intermediate to advanced. There will be about 15 students in each class.

The main courses are: 
 – Intensive reading
 – Chinese speaking
 – Listening
 – Newspaper reading
 – Writing
 – Audio-visual
 – Speaking
 – Calligaraphy
 – Introduction to China
 – HSK Training


In order to help students understand Chinese culture, history, society and tradition, CLTC offers a number of activities such as linguistic practice, and visiting tourist sites and trips outside of Beijing.


There are single dormitories available on campus for 1,300 RMB and shared dormitories for 650 RMB per month.


After students have been accepted onto the program they will receive an official acceptance letter and visa application form. Students should apply for an X (study) visa from the Chinese embassy in their country. Students should also complete a health certificate. If you have any questions contact us.


To apply complete the application form and pay the application fee here. All applications are processed at the same time and students will receive their result in the month of July (for September start), and December (for February start). After you have been accepted you will receive your official acceptance letter visa application form. If you have any questions contact us.

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